Who We Protect

  • Aviation

    Domestic/International Commercial Passenger Airlines, Cargo Airlines, and VIP Business Aviation

  • Maritime

    Yacht / Super Yacht, Cargo Oceanliners, Cruise Ships, Commercial Fishing Vessels

  • Government

    Government Office Buildings, Department of Defense: Aviation, Ground Support and Maritime, All Branches of Armed Forces.

  • Structures

    Commercial Office and Residential building, Construction Sites, Single Family Homes, Hangars, Warehouses, and Factories

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PG100 V5
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MG100 V1
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RACLAN Marine Square
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ByLithium Containment SolutionsLithium Containment SolutionsLithium Containment SolutionsLithium Containment Solutions
DescriptionThe new PG100 design is based on our innovative SCOOP and is used as a SHIELD... The MG100 V1 was originally designed using custom engineering for the US Department of Defense. Using... Rechargeable batteries and their chargers are placed into and plugged in within the box. The door... Our new RACLAN SQUARE BOX is an active safety box for charging and storing lithium-ion batteries....